D avid Pijuan,ManagingDirector of Sofos Jamaica,a branch of the Spanish solar company,Sofos Energía,believes that an energy revolution is on its way-especially in the Caribbean.“Thewaycountries use energy,today,is go- ing to change,”hemaintains.“In order to competewith the other islands that have cheaper energy,theywill need to have reliable ways to produce electricity.And renewable energy is a cheaper way to produce it.” That credo is the reason the parent company,based in Llieda, Spain since 2004,has reached beyond its Europeanmarketplace over the last several years and began establishing outposts in LatinAmerica and the Caribbean region.With a hemispherichead- quarters inMiami,Florida,the solar installation companynowhas branches inMexico,El Salvador,Columbia,Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic,and Jamaica. SOFOS JAMAICA SOFOS Jamaica THE ENERGY AT YOUR SERVICE AT A GLANCE SOFOS JAMAICA WHAT: A solar energy company for commercial, industrial, and utility clients WHERE: Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: