systems.” In addition to its self-consumption systems,where surplus power can be sold back to the distribu- tion grid,Sofos Jamaica also installs photovoltaic self-consumption facilities,calledzero injection that, although still connected to the grid,return no elec- tricityback to it.It also builds off-grid photovoltaic facilities supported by the hybridization of batteries and diesel for companies that have no access to the electricitynetwork,but want to save on energycosts. Sofos Jamaica has become the hub for the Carib- bean region.“From this branch,we don’t just target Jamaica,alone,”says Pijuan.“We try to target other markets in the area,becausewe have the know-how andwe have the experienced team.So,the idea of the Jamaican branch is to have a permanent office in the Caribbean to target the islands across the region, and to give support to the other branches that we have in other LatinAmerican countries.For example if we do an installation in Grenada,we have a sup- port team,here in Jamaica; if we do an installation in St.Lucia,if we get a project in the Cayman Islands, we have a teamhere to give support; we have a branch in Puerto Rico.If they reach out,we can give themsupport.” Pijuan understands that Sofos is onlya part of the energy revolution.“As a company,we are the big in- staller of solar energy in Jamaica.We are highly spe- cialized in solar energy; we don’t do anything else. But solar will not solve all the problems; you need to integrate different ways to produce energyat a low price.Youwill need solar energy,wind energy,geo- SOFOS JAMAICA thermal energy,hydro energy,seawave energy,and biomass.Youwill need amixof everything in order to run your country.Now,we are very focused on solar because that’s what we knowhowto do,but I think this is something that is coming and if we can, wewill try to take advantage of the opportunities.” Meanwhile Sofos Jamaica is always on the look- out for newclients–targeting the industrial,com- mercial and utility-scale sector.Pijuan adds that in addition to construction,Sofos Jamaica is also constantly focused on themaintenance of installa- tions alreadycompleted.“In order to keep an instal- lation up and running and producing electricity,you need to do proper maintenance,”he states.“So,when we go to a place,we like to stay so that we can do maintenance–we don’t just want to do installation and leave.So,for all the systems that we build,we offer maintenance for life and the best possible service to our clients.That’s what wewant to keep doing.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Key Insurance Company Limited 1-888-CALL KEY (225-5539) ContraCtors all risk insuranCe A policy for A wide vAriety of building contrActs construction from the ground up refurbishment of: ¡ Residential Homes ¡ Offices ¡ Factories ¡ Warehouses ¡ Many other structures