Jamaica Stock Exchange

T he Jamaica Stock Exchange (“JSE”) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a striking new logo, and tagline: “50 Years Strong: Cultivating Economic Growth, Celebrating Our Past and Embracing Our Future.” Incorporated in 1968, the institution started operation in 1969 at the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) building in Kingston and moved to its present location at 40 Harbour Street in 1998. Thanks to the forward thinking of its founding members: Willard Samms –Annett & Company Limited; Raglan I. Golding – Capital Market Services (Ja) Ltd.; Edward E. Gayle – Edward Gayle & Company Ltd.; and Anthony Lloyd – Pitfield Mckay Ross & Co Ltd., and everyone who has followed suit, the JSE Group has evolved into an enterprising and reputable business. The Exchange’s principal mandate is the mobilization of capital to facilitate growth and development of companies and, by extension, the economy. It sounds straightforward and, yet, there’s much more to it. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Jamaica is “Home of the World’s Best Performing Stock Market.” In fact, “the Jamaica Stock Exchange is so obscure, even emerging- markets funds don’t go there. And it’s booming.” To discover the story behind this remarkable success, Business View Caribbean went straight to the source. Marlene Street Forrest, JSE Managing Director, has been with the Exchange for 19 years and experienced, first-hand, its ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. The following is an edited transcript of our conversation. BVC: Congratulations on the 50th Anniversary! How will the Exchange celebrate? Street Forrest: “Most certainly we are happy to be celebrating this golden year. We will be doing a year-long celebration, geared toward continuing Jamaica STOCK EXCHANGE Celebrating 50 years strong