Jamaica Stock Exchange

extent. But doing that advocacy, the Bank of Jamaica would be required to look at whatever impact they believe these types of securities could have in demand for foreign exchange. Having said that, we recognize that to have a diversity of products and services, we have to look at how to loosen the reins on that. That’s an area of concern and we have been having dialogue with the Bank on that.” BVC: What are the most important attributes we should know about the Jamaica Stock Exchange? Street Forrest: “I would single out the fact that, while sitting in Jamaica, it is outward-looking with a global footprint. It is also a market where real wealth is created. In 2018, we were the Best Performing Stock Market and the Best Performing Index in the world, according to Bloomberg. Obviously, there is value in the market, and there is a confidence in Jamaica as a place to invest. The Stock Exchange group, meaning the JSE and the JCSD, provides efficient service to the market and the outward looking strategy is that with each transaction we are working to be that place where our footprint is on every capital market transaction.” PREFERRED VENDORS n Allied Insurance Brokers www.YourIAB.com Since 1969, excellence has always been the core of how we do business. We are a leading insurance intermediary and risk advisor. We spot the opportunities in your horizon to help you secure your dreams. At AIB, we customize insurance that fits the increasing and ever changing needs of our Clients for the best possible price. With our continued commitment to providing creativity, innovation, stability and excellent customer service, you can rest assured that your future is in the safest hands. n JMMB Securities Ltd. www.jm.jmmb.com JMMB Group is one of the leading financial groups, serving over 290,000 clients across the Caribbean, for over 25 years. Its subsidiary, JMMB Securities Limited, is one of the largest retail stock brokers in Jamaica. Built on a core value of love, the Group serves by tapping the requisite expertise and depth of funding to offer highly tailored financial solutions, namely: investments, insurance brokering and banking, for its individual and business clients, complemented by an online banking platform that facilitates the trading of stocks. Additionally, the Group provides customized capital market services to suit the needs of its institutional and corporate clients. n Mayberry Investments Ltd. www.mayberryinv.com Mayberry Investments Limited is a full service financial advisory and brokerage firm specializing in trading, asset management and investment banking. Located in Kingston, Jamaica, Mayberry offers customized financial solutions for retail clients, corporations and government organizations. Over the last 10 years, Mayberry is responsible for the most listings on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.