F&R Construction Group Inc.

F &R Construction Group, Inc. is a proud family business founded in 1972 by a group of young, enterprising professionals. Ever since it was established, the company has played an important role in shaping the modern Puerto Rico landscape; delivering a wealth of outstanding built heritage (commercial and residential) encompassing reinforced concrete and structural steel buildings, high and low rise, as well as site development. Ángel Fullana, President of F&R Construction Group, is a very positive and cheerful soul – and a staunch champion of his native country of Puerto Rico. In the aftermath of hurricanes and the COVID-19 pandemic, Fullana maintains his spirited, upbeat outlook. He reports, “We did quite well over the past year because we have some contracts with the federal government that we’re working on for the R3 program. It stands for Relocation, Renovation, and Reconstruction, where they’re building and restoring homes for people who need them after Hurricane Maria. It’s a huge program in Puerto Rico; they divided the area into seven regions. We have the San Juan / Carolina region and so things are good.” F & R Constructi Group Inc. PLANNING FOR A POSITIVE FUTURE