Nuttall Memorial Hospital

Nuttall Memorial Hospital A return to greatness N uttall Memorial Hospital is on its way back to its former glory. From the late 1960s to the 1990s, this Kingston, Jamaica private hospital was the place to go for medical needs – known especially for its thriving maternity ward. “Nuttall was the place to deliver your newborn,” says Nuttall Memorial Hospital CEO Harvey Levers. “A lot of movers and shakers in society had their kids here. Nuttall was thriving back then. But years ago, for whatever reason, our finances declined and the hospital did not keep up the pace of renovation and redevelopment like our competitors in the industry. So, a lot of our patient traffic was attracted elsewhere.” The hospital remained in a decline until the early 2010s, when the Board at that time came up with a five-year redevelopment plan to renovate every inch of the Nuttall property and restructure its finances in order to return the business back to its glory days. Levers recounts, “We did this so once again we could become one AT A GLANCE NUTTALL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WHAT: A privately owned Anglican hospital offering a wide-range of medical services WHERE: Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: