Kennicon Engineering Ltd

2 Business View Caribbean Kennicon Engineering Limited A certified success Kennicon Engineering Limited (KEL), located in Mara- bella, Trinidad, is a premier provider of mechanical engineering and fabrication services for its indus- trial customers in Trinidad/Tobago and several other countries in the Caribbean region, including St. Kitts, Dominica, Barbados, and Grenada. The company was founded 32 years ago by Nazamudin Mohamed and Mr. Kenneth Salick, both of whom serve as Managing Directors. The two partners had come from the Caroni Limited Sugarcane Company after it shut down opera- tions. “I was a sugar boiler there and he was a senior welder,” says Mohamed. The pair first began a small, two-man burglar-proofing manufacturing business in 1982. “Then we got together and we established our- selves as Kennicon Engineering, Limited.” Today, KEL employs about 70 workers in various trades – welders, pipe fitters, tank builders, machinists, etc. - in its 65,000 square foot fabrication/machine shop on the outskirts of the Point-a-Pierre oil refinery, near the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. KEL is a specialty, heavy-metal fabricator. Some of its services include: Complete Factory Installation; Machinery Repairs; In- dustrial Machining; Parts Manufacture - Gears, Shafts, etc.; Specialized Fabrication - Including Sheet Metal Work, Conveyors, Ducting, Coils, Cyclones, Silos, etc.; Industrial Tank Construction and Installation; Structur- al Steel Works Erection, Installation, Piping, etc.; Civil