tryall club

THE TRYALL CLUB VILLAS OF DISTINCTION T he Tryall Club, set amid 2,200 acres of lush landscape on Jamaica’s north shore, is a com- munity of luxury, private villas that offer the Club’s occupants and guests luxurious accommodations, exquisite views, and world-class amenities. In addition to its magnificent, 18-hole golf course - nine of which border the deep blue Caribbean Sea - the Tryall Club is equally well known for its exception- al tennis facilities, its private beach, its organic garden, its two restaurants, and the outstanding service provided by its dedicated, onsite staff. It’s no wonder that The Tryall Club was named as “One of the best places to stay in the whole world,” by Condé Nast Traveler. Recently, Business View Magazine spoke with David Barber, Tryall Club’s Director of Sales, Marketing, and Communications. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation: BVM: The Tryall Club has a pretty long and storied history. Can you tell us some of the highlights? Barber: It is a remarkable part of Jamai- ca’s history and the entire property is offi- cially recognized as being part of Jamaica’s National Heritage. The land, itself, was an Arawak Indian settlement and the Arawaks and the Tainos were the original inhab-