CB Group (CBG)

CB GROU (CBG) Article subtitle C B Group (CBG) has spent decades working hard to better the lives of the Jamaican people through innovative advancements in safe food production and the growth of sustainable agricultural industries. That proud family legacy continues today with some exciting new initiatives on the horizon. It all started 40 years ago… CBG Founder and Chairman, Karl Hendrickson, often told people, “My first love was baking, but my second has always been farming.” Not surprisingly, when opportunity arose in the early 1980s, he bought a small poultry processing operation, called Caribbean Broilers. Over the next decade, Hendrickson automated the processing, streamlined the supply chain, and formed a team to take the company into the future. Today CB Group is one of the largest diversified agribusinesses in Jamaica and the Caribbean with four distinct and important divisions. The consumer foods division, CB Foods, concentrates on providing locally produced meats through its partnerships with independent farmers and its integrated production, which is the CB Agro. The animal genetics and nutrition division, Newport Mills, focuses on supplying animal feeds, farm supplies and technical services. And most recently, the plants division, Imagination Farms, is making great strides conducting world class research and development in areas like West Indies Sea Island Cotton, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, and onions, in a bid to reduce Jamaica’s food import bill. Matthew Lyn, CEO and grandson of the founder, CHALLENGE. COLLABORATE. CHANGE.