Incorporated Masterbuilders of Jamaica

INCORPORATED MASTERBUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF JAMAICA “TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONGER” T he Incorporated Masterbuilders As- sociation of Jamaica (IMAJ), the voice of the construction industry in Jamaica, was originally in- corporated in 1952 - the brain child of Mr. T.A.D. Smith, who felt that the country’s builders and construction contractors should have a unified associ- ation to address their mutual concerns, negotiate the sala- ries of union workers indus- try-wide, and provide builders with education, professional recognition, and advocacy. “The industry was frag- mented,” says current Asso- ciation President, Humphrey Taylor. “They wanted a single representative; and to for- malize the industry. That’s where it started. Today, we AT A GLANCE THE MASTERBUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF JAMAICA WHAT: An association of builders and contractors WHERE: Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: