Supreme Ventures Limited

Another agenda item is continuing to invest in the company’s human capital – both its employees and its retailer network. “We believe we have the best and brightest there is,” she states. “And, we would not have been successful if we did not have our staff, and if we did not have such a highly-committed retail base. So, we will be ensuring that we invest in initiatives that allow for staff training and up-skilling, as well as ensuring our retailers’ businesses grow right alongside our own.” In the end, Young Sang says that: “SVL is about maximizing value to all our stakeholders, who we consider key strategic partners. They range from our shareholders, to our employees, to our retailers, to our regulators, and to the government for which we create a reliable, steady tax revenue that helps to fuel growth within the economy. Our mandate is that wherever we operate, we’re going to give it the best with everything we have; we’re going to leverage all aspects of opportunity to the best PREFERRED VENDOR n Trend Media Ltd. www.Trend.Media of our ability; we’re going to fuel growth that is sustainable. So, the evolution you’re going to see in our products and service quality will be by leveraging our capabilities wider and looking for more opportunities that may exist in the landscape based on our access points that we already have and the numerous lives that we touch every day.”