Medimpex Jamaica Limited & Medimpex West Indies LTD.

medimpex Jamaica Limited D escribed as ‘worldwide modern technology steeped in centuries-old tradition’, Medimpex West Indies Limited & Medimpex Jamaica Limited are making waves as the innovative subsidiaries of two leading Central Eastern European multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers – Gedeon Richter and Egis. Medimpex Hungary established its first office in Jamaica in 1979 and was later re-established as a trading firm under the name Medimpex Jamaica Limited in 1982. Two years later, Medimpex West Indies was established and took over the entire export/ import activity from Hungary to the Caribbean and part of Latin America, while Medimpex Jamaica became the exclusive distributor for the Hungarian pharmaceutical companies AT A GLANCE MEDIMPEX JAMAICA LTD. & MEDIMPEXWEST INDIES LTD. WHAT: Distributor of high-quality pharmaceuticals; subsidiaries of Gedeon Richter and Egis WHERE: Headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: A TRADI T ION OF CARE