UNICOMER GROUP, JAMAICA Unicomer Group, Jamaica ADDING VALUE EVERY DAY AT A GLANCE UNICOMER GROUP JAMAICA WHAT: Large retailer; brands include Courts, Ready Cash, Lucky Dollar WHERE: More than 60 locations throughout Jamaica WEBSITES: regional/jamaica W ith more than 950 stores and over 1.7million feet of retail space, the Unicomer Group is a driving economic force in Central Ameri- ca and the Caribbean. In all, operations span 21 countries, and employ 14,000 persons across the group.As market leaders in the appliance and fur- niture retail sector,with familiar long-time store chain, Courts,Unicomer Group Jamaica is one of the region´s largest consumer durable goods retailers. Dennis Harris, General Manager for Unicomer Group, Jamaica, gives the backstory of this am- bitious corporation.“Unicomer Jamaica currently operates six brands/sub-brands.The largest brand is Courts,which started back in 1959, and sells furniture and appliances. It was acquired by Unicomer in 2006 and that’s when our Jamaica operation began. Before that, Courts had a long history as part of a U.K. business that ended up in