North-East Regional Health Authority – Jamaica

NORTH-EAST REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY PREFERRED VENDORS n Roche Diagnostics Roche Diagnostics offer in the healthcare industry the broadest range of test, our solutions not only give an accurate diagnosis, they can detect risk of disease, predict how disease may progress, and enable the right treatment decision to be made at the first opportunity, we’re committed to improve patient’s lives. n Dental & Medical Supplies Limited A family owned business that has been in operation for over 10 years. We offer a wide range of innovative dental and medical equipment, software, technology solutions and services Our expertise has enabled us serve professionals practicing in private and public institutions by effectively controlling cost, eliminating waste and maximizing efficiency. DMS is dedicated to providing superior customer service and durable prod- ucts to ensure all our customers are optimally satisfied. some of whom have been on board for the last dozen or so years.We have a strong partnership with the Sandals Foundation, which comes out of the local- ly-owned hotel chain, the ISSA Trust Foundation, and the American Friends of Jamaica. The fundraising from these organizations has been assisting NER- HA in being able to improve its infrastructure with equipment and to afford the pharmaceuticals to help keep the service going. “Here at NERHA, we are all about ensuring that when you get service in this region, you get the best medical care.We have put in programs to ensure that we put our staff through rigorous customer training exercises and drills because the needs of our pa- tients are ever-changing.We have been improving our technology base so that, for the most part, we are moving away from paper-based to more technolog- ically-based systems.We are ensuring the things we procure are of digital quality.We do try and ensure that the equip- ment we have in our facilities is of high caliber and maintained so that there is little downtime.We have been allocating more re- sources to the goals and objectives that we want to achieve, such as the non-communicable diseases and focusing on preventative care at our health centers.We are also very focused on health education and communicating with the com- munity to ensure that they know what we are doing.” She conclud- ed that ‘these are all achievable as the vision is shared by the NERHA Board and team’. ST. ANN’S BAY REGIONAL HOSPITAL PORT MARIA HOSPITAL