Altura Caribbean Limited

somebody put in a tender, they could not have anticipated that leap in cost.” On the sustainability front, Cudjoe-Jacob references a privately-developed building around the Savannah (an urban activity hub in Trinidad) that is the first LEED certified building in Trinidad. She explains, “We were part of that team and it was very exciting to participate! To apply the LEED principles from building design to completion. While our clients at the moment don’t necessarily want the certification, many of them are looking to have sustainable practices integrated into the construction.” In terms of technology, ALTURA has always had a ‘remote office’ setup, where the team is equipped with what they need – laptop, phone, tablet – to make sure they’re in contact, and that all communication is close and strong and everybody is on the same page. The company is now exploring 3D printing technology and how it could affect the housing sector. Cudjoe- Jacob admits, “On the island, innovation is not embraced as much as you’d like it to be but we want to see what possibilities can come out of it. Whether the clients would be ready to jump on board is another story.” Her passion comes through loud and clear, as she shares, “I love my work, it’s an amazing field. They say the project manager is like the conductor in an orchestra. Each instrument would be nice on its own but when you put it together, the end result is amazing with all the individual parts. And that’s what a project manager is supposed to do – bring everyone together in an effort to complete projects successfully; to promote a collaborative approach, not just for a company, but throughout the industry to resolve issues and work as a team for the clients’ best interests.”