Business View Caribbean | April 2019

27 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN APRIL 2019 HALF MOON Resort WHERE THE HEART IS T he moon, in all its captivating phases, has inspired passion in poets, lovers, and dreamers since the beginning of time. Such is the enchantment of Half Moon – an iconic resort on Jamaica’s northern coast with a storied legacy spanning more than six decades. What started in 1954 as a 35-acre cottage beach colony, with a quarter mile of crescent-shaped sandy shoreline, today encompasses 400 acres and close to two miles of alluring beachfront alignment. Returning guests and first-timers, alike, agree that Half Moon is that one-of-a-kind destination “where the heart is.” Guy Steuart, Senior VP of Steuart Investment Company, is a proud, third- generation member of his family’s business. A key (and favorite) focus of Guy’s portfolio in the company is his role as Chairman at Half Moon. He readily admits, “I’m a passionate fellow about this resort. It dates back to 1954, when my grandfather was one of 17 people that formed the consortium that started Half Moon. Over