Business View Caribbean | April 2021

89 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN APRIL 2021 DOC ’ S GROUP OF COMPANI ES front-end loaders and electrical equipment. We were very equipped to go into the (methanol plant) environment. So, we were moving at quite a fast rate at that time.” From there, they moved into point-of-purchase manufacturing, chrome plating, and powder coating. Today, through DOC’s Engineering Works Ltd, the focus is on custom manufacturing and they also manufacture for almost all the snack food companies in CARICOM. “That business is stable,” Gosine says. “It’s not very large because we live in an area that only has about 20 million people. CARICOM is not very big and populated, so when you are doing things you have to know all sides of the market and how to pace yourself at that level so you don’t oversell yourself.” In 1990, Gosine added DOC’s Homes Ltd to the DOC’s Group of Companies, with a focus on building. Since inception, they have built more than 500 homes in Trinidad and Tobago. The company offers precast houses with up to three bedrooms, apartments and townhouses with two to four units, as well as doing infrastructure work such as precast drainage systems and precast bridge systems. Today, DOC’s Group of Companies has 115 employees, many of whom have been there anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Creating a working environment that is both enjoyable and productive is a priority. “My thinking is that if you have happy people who understand what you are doing and you make them part of it, you will get production and you don’t have to ask too much for it,” says Gosine. “This is my motto.” And his efforts have paid off. Gosine has