Business View Caribbean | April 2021

99 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN APRIL 2021 NEDCOM LIMITED INNOVATIVE ROAD CONSTRUCTION +1-638-8938 WWW.NEDCOMGROUP.COM CONCRETE SERVICE • ASPHALT MAINTENANCE • WALKWAYS & DRIVEWAYS • PARKING LOTS PATRAJ TRACE, EL SOCORRO, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO We also offer security services TUNAPUNA-P I ARCO REGIONAL CORPORAT ION BVC: Looking to the future, what are the main objectives for the Corporation? Robinson: “To make the Corporation more sustainable. To be able to deliver the low hanging fruits to the burgesses. And to ensure that the organization itself is geared towards making the burgess’s lives easier. Because I think, a lot of the time, the organization forgets that it’s really the people that are important. We have to make those people as comfortable and safe as possible, and focus on whatever we need to do to facilitate that. “As a young Chairman, I have to face the decisions I make for the next 30 years. And my son will have to live knowing my successes and my mistakes. So I want to make things as comfortable as possible as I go into the second part of my life. The way I try to manage and lead the Corporation is to find the people who are best equipped to handle any situation. I do a significant amount of reading and research but my strong point is networking. Political leaders, community leaders, social entrepreneurs, social activists that try to influence change. It’s easier for people to do the heavy lifting if I have that support. “It is my goal by the time I leave office to have a clear plan for how to make our economy more sustainable and/or create enough business activity where we have less burgesses at the lower end of the spectrum who need our social safety net.”