Business View Caribbean April 2023

51 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 10, ISSUE 4 AT A GLANCE TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS PORTS AUTHORITY WHAT: The overseeing body that ensures the smooth operations of the ports and shipping sector WHERE: Grand Turk in the Caribbean region WEBSITE: he Turks and Caicos Islands, an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, boasts a thriving marine industry that plays a significant role in the nation’s economy. At the heart of this marine ecosystem are the Turks and Caicos Islands Ports Authority (TCIPA), which is responsible for managing the government’s ports and ensuring good order in the territorial and internal waters of the islands. Delton Jones, Managing Director of TCIPA, sheds light on the organization’s history, explaining that it was established as a government statutory body in 2008. Prior to its formation, the government managed the ports through the customs department, which later evolved into a T Turks & Caicos Ports Authorit Wi t h t h e s h i p p i n g i n d u s t r y i n m i n d , t h e Tu r k s a n d C a i c o s I s l a n d s Po r t s A u t h o r i t y e n s u r e s c l e a r s a i l i n g