2 3 T There comes a time in every person’s life,when theymay have to take a good long look at their state of reality, and map out a plan that will take them from“here” to “there!”Generally, that time comes when the winds of change cause a hurricane, rather than a cool spring breeze, or when rains bring catastrophic floods, rather than a well-needed drought replenishment. Well,more times than not,when those are the times you’re mapping out your course detour, it’s far too late to actually turn things around. Some of you reading this know exactly what I mean, because you’ve attempted this before, and it didn’t turn out favorably. The problem is those who have encoun- tered this before, have encountered it more than once, and still have not made the changes necessary to prevent it from happening in the future.Many of you have simplymade the decision to plan better, sell better, staff better,manufacture better, etc.However, the only thing that must be done better falls solely in your lap,which is to simply lead better.The form of leader- ship I’m referencing has nothing to do with what you may need to do better in order to survive in business. It has to do with the decision of when to look at your destina- tions map and make the determination to stay the course, or make the necessary adjustments to draft a more successful company or procedural route direction. “When or When Not To Abort?”That is the question. Rather than choose to throw darts at those who may be hav- ing a current challenge in making this extremely courageous call, I’d like to take a brief moment to praise the way that we, here, at Business ViewCaribbean, handle this pivotal decision. It’s not by chance that you’re reading this column, in this magazine, at this verymoment. In order to become the leading and largest execu- tive business-to-business publication in the Caribbean, there has been a series of course directions that have been aborted and rerouted. I can thankfully attribute these decisions to the insightful leader- ship of our Executive Publisher,who is constantly looking for traffic jams and road construction signs far in advance of ever encountering them. When this magazine began,we had a very aggressive and exciting plan of suc- cess.At that time, there were a few other magazines that were successfully ahead of us in circulation and readership. (No need to name them, some are now done and gone, and it may be uncivilized for me to name those whomwe have smashed and surpassed–I’m classy like that.) Slowly, but surely,we started progressing up the chart.While any ordinary executive may have been happy with the progress being made, our fearless leader looked at the map, trashed it, and redrafted a route that included significant investments into our digital exposure,which, in turn, increased our executive subscribership at such an accelerated rate that within three months, we were running head to head with our biggest competitor.Three months later, we were significantly larger and had become the business influence that we had planned to be after three years with our previous course map.This was just one decision in many different course redirections that he has made.This is what successful executives do, instinctively, and those who do not have this instinct,must seek to hire someone who does.This tends to be the sole difference between failure, mediocrity, and success. I hope you take a look at your map today, and make sure that no traffic jams are awaiting you along your current route. Until next time, plan, build, and continue to prosper. Corner View Andre Barefield AUG. / SEPT. 2017 Contents 2 CORNER VIEW 4 OPENING LINES 20 TOP 10 22 CANTO Reimagining ICT BEST PRACTICES IN CARIBBEAN HEALTHCARE 32 DR. HORACIO E. ODUBER HOSPITAAL Aruba’s only hospital 38 SINT MAARTEN MEDICAL CENTER We care together BEST PRACTICES IN BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 50 AMCHAM JAMAICA Promoting investment and trade 56 ADVANCED FARM TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Jamaica’s best papayas 62 NORSTAR GROUP Quality, high-end homes 70 TCI WASTE DISPOSAL SERVICES Keeping Turks & Caicos beautiful by nature 76 GODDARD CATERING GROUP (BARBADOS ) LIMITED Much more than an airline caterer 82 TRINRICO STEEL AND WIRE PRODUCTS LIMITED A son takes over his father’s dream 50 Editor-in-Chief Al Krulick Associate Editor Lorie Steiner Director of Advertising Lauren Blackwell Research Directors Paul Payne Rohan Stewart Brendan McElroy Josh Conklin Lisa Curry Joanna Whitney Digital Strategist Scott Mosquera Creative Director Dana Long Vice President of Business Development Erin O’Donoghue Vice President of Production Aimy McGrew Vice President of Publishing Andre Barefield CGO Alexander Wynne-Jones COO Brian Andersen Executive Publisher / CEO Marcus VandenBrink USA Canada Caribbean Oceania Email for all inquiries: WWW.BUSINESSVIEWCARIBBEAN.COM 12559 New Brittany Blvd Fort Myers, 33907 239.220.5554 CONTACT US 56 32 62