Business View Caribbean - August/September 2018

16 17 OPENING LINES CABLE ANDWIRELESS REAFFIRMS COMMITMENT TO THE CARIBBEAN REGION T he CEO of the recently established Liberty Latin America, Balan Nair, and CEO of its subsidiary company, Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W), Inge Smidts, underscored their continued com- mitment to drive the region’s technological advancement so that the Caribbean can firmly take its place at the forefront of today’s digital revolution. Both executives addressed government ministers from across the Caribbean and oth- er delegates at the 34th staging of CANTO Conference and Trade Exhibition in Panama City on July 23. CANTO is the Caribbean’s lead- ing authority shaping the ICT agenda. In delivering the keynote address at Monday’s Ministerial Forum, Nair, said, “Speed is the most important internet attribute after price, and signals reli- ability and high quality. To meet and surpass the demands of our customers we continue to invest in our networks with a laser-like focus on digitization and innovation in this modern age.We are motivated to continue to invest in the technology that enables the region’s digital revolution to drive prosperity for the econo- mies of the Caribbean and Latin America.” Smidts, the first female CEO in the history of Cable & Wireless, ably demonstrated her mettle with a thought-provoking presentation at the Ministerial Breakfast. The CEO outlined her vision for her role, and for the company, in a bid to grow the economies of the region through the strategic initiatives of the leading complete communications and entertainment provider in the Caribbean. Key pillars of the company’s strategic vision for the region include a more customer-centric approach, technological innovation, ever fast- er broadband speeds, unmatched video, and superior mobile experi- ence, all underpinned by continued community investment. Smidts said, “We will differentiate how we serve this region and how our customers will eventually see us.We will always put the customer first – and ensure we understand and address their needs, help them to stay connected, and make their lives easier.We are about making the connection between how products and services enable our customers to enhance their lifestyles and rela- tionships – that is how we create meaningful moments for families, friends, businesses, and communities.”