Business View Caribbean - August/September 2018

24 25 BLUE BAY CURACAO GOLF & BEACH RESORT LIFE IN PARADISE BECKONS T he magical ambience of a 17th century plantation lives on today in a spectacular 220-acre gated resort community embracing one of the Caribbean’s most dazzling beach- es. Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort marries top-notch hospitality, breathtaking seaside views, world-class golf, extensive recreational facilities, and 24-hour securi- ty for the perfect blend of residential and resort-style living. In local language Blue is “Blau” and, although Blue Bay overlooks amazing azure waters, the resort is actually named after landholder Arnold Blau who built the first plantation house. Numerous families managed the property over the years – the last family for 80 years, until the end of the 1980s, when they found the agricultural approach was no longer viable. So, they sold