Business View Caribbean | August 2019

3 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN AUGUST 2019 O p e n i n g L i n e s A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 P aragon VTOL Aerospace and Sirqul announced recently a new strategic partnership to transform transportation in the travel, shipping, military, law enforcement, and construction industries through sophisticated drone and software technology. The alliance will focus initially on reshaping the shipping and delivery infrastructure for over six million people that live in Jamaica and stopover as tourists. Paragon, a vertical-takeoff-and-landing company behind drones and urban air mobility solutions, has partnered with Sirqul to advance the remote and autonomous operation of new vehicles and infrastructure in Jamaica. Adopting Sirqul’s RouteNRoll Platform will enable advanced routing and logistics, visualization dashboards, simulations, flight optimizations, real-time location services, and further enhance the security and health of each aircraft. Paragon is also partnering with Aerotropolis Jamaica, a national project spearheaded by L. Michael Henry in the office of the Prime Minister, to build an ecosystem infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Jamaica. Paragon has been developing their platform and much of the technology through collaboration with Siemens PARAGON VTOL AEROSPACE AND SIRQUL TO TRANSFORM TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS IN JAMAICA Digital Industries Software, Sirqul IoT Platform, major American universities, Silicon Valley experts, and ex-military personnel. “We are on a mission to build an ecosystem infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) with a portfolio of intellectual property, industry-specific drones, human passenger drones, and virtual highway platforms in Jamaica,” said Paragon VTOL founder and oil executive Dwight Smith, a native Jamaican and American citizen. “Partnering with