Business View Caribbean | August 2022

37 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 8 task of promoting the tourism sector. The Curacao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) is responsible for stimulating innovation and enlarging the application of technology, particularly enterprising local medium and small businesses. Business View Caribbean spoke with the minister for Economic Development Ruisandro Cijntje about the current state of the island’s economy, and initiatives and strategies that are underway to ensure a promising future for the people of Curacao. BVC: How would you describe Curacao from an economic perspective, today? Minister Cijntje: “Curacao is trying to recover from the pandemic and our economy has had some difficulty due to the fact that our oil T he Ministry of Economic Development gives direction to sustainable economic development in Curacao. Its main goal is to promote a high and prosperous quality of life for the people of Curacao by anticipating social and international developments, providing optimal service, and developing a thorough strategy. The Ministry is responsible for sustaining local negotiations, and allowing and sustaining international contacts to attract investors for more jobs. The Curacao Tourism Development Foundation (CTDF) is known as the Curacao Tourism Board (CTB) and is responsible for the commercial Ministry of Economic Promoting strength, growth & resilience