Business View Caribbean | August 2022

99 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 8 C ommitted to serving the people of Antigua and Barbuda since its founding in 2010, Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank Limited (ECAB) is a full-service retail and commercial institution that provides a wide range of personal and business banking products. With six branches located across Antigua, the mainland of the twin-island state, ECAB maintains a customer focused approach to banking – continuously working to develop and maintain client relationships, while also playing a role in securing the future of the indigenous banking sector in the Caribbean. Michael Spencer, General Manager of ECAB shares, “Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank Limited was founded to safeguard the stability of our banking sector, specifically, the indigenous banking segment.” Stressing the value of indigenous banks, he adds, “The market dynamics across the globe, and the increasing importance of indigenous banks to the market, in terms of longevity, and the ability to provide services, either on par or better than international banks, makes those banks essential to the communities that they serve.” ECAB prides itself on an exceptional work environment. “It’s a great place to work,” says Spencer, “It allows you to garner many different experiences and to be exposed to several different facets of life and businesses and work with a great team of professionals in a sort of family-oriented environment.” Connection to community is another part of what makes the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank a workplace of choice, as the bank places emphasis on supporting a myriad of social projects. As Spencer asserts, “We do take our corporate Eastern Caribbean A “Our Future. Our Bank.”