Business View caribbean - Aug 2023

27 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 10, ISSUE 8 EMPOWERING THE V VIWAPA’S VISION FO AND INNOVATIVE FU he U.S. Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (VIWAPA) stands as a shining testament to innovation and adaptability in the utility sector. As an autonomous agency of the U.S. Virgin Islands government, VIWAPA has, over the last 59 years, grown to encompass a myriad of services that are essential to the region’s thriving communities. Beginning its journey with the core task of producing and distributing electricity, VIWAPA has since expanded its responsibilities to include drinking water and maintenance of streetlights. In recent years, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority has taken on a new role, shouldering the responsibility of producing and distributing potable water. T Forging a path of innovation, community engagement, and resilience, The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority builds storm resistant infrastructure that sets the stage for a thriving future. VIRGIN ISLANDS WATER AND POWER AUTHORITY