December 2016 | Business View Caribbean

62 63 AT A GLANCE ERNST & YOUNG WHAT: A professional services and accounting firm WHERE: St. Thomas, Barbados WEBSITE: ERNST & YOUNG the world changes, the Caribbean has to diversify and come up with new things.” One of those new things is the growth of electronic services, both in government and the private sector. “Anything in terms of an electronic interface–e-government, e-services –we’re going to have a greater prolifer- ation of that, and, therefore, the whole concept of cyber security and securing information will become more prevalent.” In order to better serve its clients in an ever-changing business envi- ronment, Sambrano reports that EY Caribbean concentrates, continuously, on its own best practices, creating the “workplace of the future- in the way we collaborate, the way we organize, the way we access information.We’ve invested heavily in terms of training and preparing people, and we are seek- ing to bring first world standards into our organization in terms of howwe operate and howwe provide services to our clients,”he states.“One of our mis- sions at EY is ‘building a better working world.’What that means to us is making sure that there’s trust between business partners and between the public and private sectors.And we see ourselves as integral to that. It’s an important under- lying principle of our culture.” PREFERRED VENDORS n Sagicor Asset Management Inc. Founded in 1840, Sagicor, the company name, means “wise judgment” and reflects the nature of the financial advice and services it offers. Sagicor now operates in 22 countries in the Caribbean, the USA, and Latin America. It offers a comprehensive range of financial solutions — life, health and general insurance; investments; retire- ment and estate planning; home ownership; education savings; saving plans; money management; and more. n Thomson Reuters CHRIS SAMBRANO