December 2016 | Business View Caribbean

66 67 S. ABED & COMPANY LTD. company that employs 106 full-time staff that grows to 120 workers during the holiday season, in its in Bridgetown and SheratonMall depart- ment store locations.“Our strength is ready-made apparel,textiles for apparel,and home furnishings, as well as ready-made home furnishings,”Abed says.“That’s our niche; that’s our core business. We also have other nichemarkets: we’re a large provider of basic costuming accessories and fabric for our annual carnival called Kadooment,and the other thing that we do is provide ready-made school uniforms and school fabrics.” In addition to two select wholesale customers –one inTrinidad and one in Jamaica–who buy product by the container load, abeds sellsmost of its products from its two retail stores.It importsdirectly frommills inAsia,and then adds its own styling and colors to the basicmaterial.“We try to tweak in the direction that bringsmaximum local value added so that we canmax- imize the profit margins we need,and that has reallybeen wherewe have grown exponentiallyover the last decade.” Abed believes that shunning the middle- man, and adding its own local knowledge to the products it sells, are two reasons that his company stays ahead of the competition. “Our competitors, by and large, fall into two cate- gories,”he explains.“They’re the mom-and-pops EDDY ABED HAGGATT HALL, ST. MICHAEL, BARBADOS TEL: 246-436-7430 n TEL/FAX: 246-228-6880 MANAGER: KWPCSINC@GMAIL.COM n OFFICE: ROSSANN.KWPCS@GMAIL.COM n Detailed post-construction cleaning n Daily contractual cleaning maintenance n Steam cleaning (mattresses, drapes, carpets and upholstery) n Commercial, residential and office maintenance n Industrial cleaning and maintenance n Pressure washing n Marble cleaning and restoration n Stripping seal and polishing of vinyl and clay tone tiles n High-rise glass cleaning n Duct cleaning and sanitizing n Flood and fire restoration n Wooden floor restoration OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: WE ARE 100% COMMITTED TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION n Vacuuming Interior n Interior shampooing n Boot Vacuuming and Cleaning n Polish Dash and all instrument panels n Interior Scented n Engine & Under Body Wash n Polishing & Waxing VALET SERVICE AVAILABLE Our company provides services related to every aspect of the cleaning business, and its customer base encompass- es residential, commercial and industrial sectors. e company’s main emphasis is post-construction cleaning, industrial cleaning, commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance, where speci c detail is directed to- wards e ciency, immaculate quality and service. WWW.KWPROFESSIONALCLEANING.COM K.W. Professional Cleaning Services, estab- lished in 2003, specializes in quality cleaning and maintenance of businesses, commercial, and residential properties, such as o ces, nan- cial institutions, daycare centers, medical facilities, schools, churches, and private residences. KWPCS has well-trained professionals with expe- rience in house cleaning, apartment cleaning, and commercial cleaning jobs. Its e cient and low cost services allow its customers to save time and money. It’s their mission to ensure the safest, most sanitary home or o ce possible. Contracts can be daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. ey know that your sta is your greatest asset and therefore their health is your primary concern. Many individuals are sometimes a ected by the strong acidic chemicals currently being used by cleaning companies. Hence, productivity can be seriously compromised. Even worse, the carcinogens released by these chemicals o en result in many terminal illnesses including cancer. By using “Green Products”, you wouldn’t have to wor- ry about such. All of their products are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritating, hypo-allergenic, non- am- mable and completely safe for humans, animals, marine life and the environment. e products are the hallmark of visionary thinking brought to life by people committed to providing quality products that not only keep performances at their highest – but do so while maintaining our ecosystem. WWW.KWPROFESSIONALCLEANING.COM