Business View Caribbean | December 2019

28 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN DECEMBER 2019 PREFERRED VENDORS n ISM Grid Disruption is taking place cross-industry, and investment in digital transformation is essential to stay relevant in creating new opportunities. ISM Grid (formerly Checksum Systems) is a word-class Information Systems Management company. Our mission is simple: Small or large, we enable businesses to run technology like an Enterprise. We adopt a Grid approach to service delivery, and the various components, when combined, results in business efficiency, data security, and resilience. ISM Support A rudimentary notion – business information and communications technology (ICT) components should be accounted for, monitored, and strictly managed. Whether your IT department is in-house or completely outsourced to us, user support remains fanatical. There’s no need to ask, “where’s the IT guy”?– we appear with a few clicks of the mouse. ISM Enterprise How much time do you waste every day, struggling with multiple applications to get work done? Is your present accounting system struggling to keep up the pace with business growth? It’s time to simplify your routine. From Sales (CRM) to Financials, to Operations (ERP) to Customer Service - we believe that automation should address business process workflow effectively. ISM Cloud Cloud = Datacenter. Now that we’ve inculcated this analogy, let’s address why the Cloud really matters. Simply put, leveraging Cloud technology can expand capabilities of business applications used every day: QuickBooks, Peach Tree, Microsoft NAV/AX, etc. These applications are typically available only within the office walls and tend not to work efficiently (or at all) when accessed remotely. We specialize in App Virtualization; allowing business applications to be securely accessible via the internet. Further, the Cloud can provide resilience to natural disasters when leveraged. ISM Secure Protection -> Detection –> Response -> Recovery Here’s a good analogy: A group has been stalking your home for a while (hackers), and they quickly assess that the best time to break in is when you’re at work. After some effort, they break-in through the front door (firewall Protection) and are quickly in the house (corporate network). Do you have a monitored alarm system allowing for someone to call and alert you of the incident (Detection), and perhaps call-out the police (Response)? Do you have an insurance plan in order to fully recover (Recovery)? We’ve been proudly serving clients throughout the Caribbean since 2003 and remain committed to the continuous development of best-in-class solutions that super-charge businesses. Are you leveraging cutting-edge technology to transform the way you do business? Drop us a line at to get the conversation going. n Burrowes Chartered Accountants Burrowes, Chartered Accountants was established with a mission to create value for our clients and people through knowledge, information and insight. Our Barbados business awareness, experience and relationships give us the facility to provide strategic and technical advisory and compliance services to our accounting, tax and corporate services clients. n Chancery Chambers