Business View Caribbean | December 2019

37 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN DECEMBER 2019 International Trading, N.V. T hrough innovation, creative marketing, and strong partnerships, Frasa International Trading has become one of Aruba’s largest distributors to the retail grocery and foodservice industry. The thriving business started as a product of Francisco A. Saladin’s bold entrepreneurial spirit. Saladin had emigrated from the Dominican Republic to Aruba with his parents at the age of eight and learned from an early age the importance of hard work and dedication from his parents. In 1980, he began selling produce from a small storage facility at the back of his house with the use of a chilled container. And he never looked back. Over the years, Frasa has experienced great success and growth. In 2002, Frasa took over the business operations of Consales, a well- known local distribution company. This acquisition allowed Frasa to reposition and develop the company, despite economic changes and a struggling global economy. By 2010, under the leadership of Francis Saladin Jr., the two companies merged, creating Frasa International Trading N.V. and an opportunity for growth with a stronger portfolio of international brands. Today, Frasa has partnered with some of the industry’s largest food service providers and distributors of canned goods, fresh produce, dairy, and protein around the world, to ensure delivery of only the highest quality and freshest products available. An exceptional team of close to 100 Frasa employees provides customers with INNOVATION IN FOOD SERVICE