Business View Caribbean | December 2020

15 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN DECEMBER 2020 OPENING L INES Loan is the fourth outside the U.S. closed by the firm in 2020 F or a U.S.-based borrower, securing a loan outside the United States is no easy feat. Bring raw land into the mix, and many borrowers simply assume that the odds are impossible. Not so for Kennedy Funding, an Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey-based direct private lender with extensive experience closing loans around the world. The firm’s principals today announced the closing of a $1.4 million loan to P&L Holding Ltd. Loan proceeds will be used to acquire 2,486.31 acres of raw land with waterfront views, located in Milk River, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica. “Over years that we have spent working closely with experts and authorities in Jamaica, the Bahamas, Canada, and many other countries, we have honed the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the real estate and money lending laws in many countries outside the U.S.,” said Kevin Wolfer, CEO, Kennedy Funding. “Without that knowledge and experience, lenders don’t have a chance at successfully closing loans. We are proud to say that we have put our expertise to work once again, to get P&L Holding the KENNEDY FUNDING CLOSES $1.4 MILLION LAND LOAN IN CLARENDON PARISH, JAMAICA