Business View Caribbean | December 2020

29 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN DECEMBER 2020 and effort on internal training in customer service orientation. Our attrition rate is very good; people tend to stay with us. Alana Stanislaus, Business Development Officer: “From an employee’s standpoint, I think the company culture is very good. No team member is treated as if they’re “less than” than anyone else, no matter what level you are at in the company.” BVC: How do you promote the Servus brand to potential clients? Stanislaus: “For the past three to four years, prior to COVID, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time on getting the brand out there. We did a complete rebrand – revamping our logo, upgrading our website, branding our fleet etc. Prior to Mr. Kacal joining the organization, it was a lot smaller. With his addition, they focused a lot more on growth and expansion. That’s where I came in, trying to increase awareness 868-684-5492 | 6-8 Street 2, IDC Industrial Estate Biljah Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago 24/7 refueling Rental of Generators 40kw – 1MW Repair and service of ALL brands of Generator and transfer switches Controller upgrades for Generators, Engines, Hybrid and PV installations Remote Monitoring systems Fuel tank and automatic fuel system fabrication Supply and install of emergency power systems for – Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Marine Over 33 years in the Emergency Power Industry, working throughout the Caribbean, Guyana and Suriname. SERVUS LTD and brand visibility in the market. I think we’ve had good success with that as we’ve seen a lot more requests coming to us directly rather than us having to pound the pavement. People knew about us and what we brought to the table, so much so that we eventually had to become little more selective in the type of clients we took on. With the advent of COVID and the inability to conduct face-to-face meetings, we’ve had to leverage technology a lot more, so going forward we’ll be going a lot deeper into the digital marketing space. “As a Servus employee, I am very proud to say I work for the only true integrated facilities management service provider on the island. And I’m also proud to say that we are a home-grown company – we are proudly Trinidad & Tobago – but providing a world-class service.”