Business View Caribbean | December 2020

5 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN DECEMBER 2020 A t the end of November, Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) unveiled the new completely redesigned destination marketing website for the island of Trinidad. The spotlight was thrown onto the #visittrinidad website during a virtual event that was live streamed as viewers were fully immersed into all that the international travellers and citizens “must experience” in Trinidad. The primary objectives of the website are to generate destination awareness and provide users with compelling stories and information on the island’s history, culture, and sites and attractions. The Destination Trinidad website is dynamic, LAUNCH OF NEW TOURISM DESTINATIONWEBSITE FOR TRINIDAD functional and practical, maintaining a balance between having an attractive design and being easy to browse, and has many new features that work to inform, influence, and inspire a travel decision. Some of the new features include uniquely captivating features such as 360 virtual tours, a COVID-19 resource centre with real-time information on travel restrictions and public health and safety measures, an updated year-round calendar of events, and exciting tour packages replete with such a plethora of activities that there is always something new to discover. The Destination Trinidad website acts as a OPENING L INES