Business View Caribbean | Volume 8, Issue 12

9 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 8, ISSUE 12 A revolution is changing how we live and work, bringing about a revolution in how we travel. The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly untethered tens of millions of people from the need to work in specific places at specific times. They can now work from anywhere, travel any time, and stay for longer. While technologies like Zoom make it possible to work from home, Airbnb is making it possible to work from any home—and ultimately, to live anywhere. A 7,500-consumer survey we commissioned across five countries found that: TRAVEL TRENDS 2022: LONG TERM STAYS AND FAMILY TRIPS • More than one third (38%) of self-identified hybrid/remote employees say they would rather quit their jobs than go back to work in-person full-time. • Nearly two thirds (63%) of all respondents say they have come to expect more flexibility from their employers. • One third say that after the pandemic, they will live somewhere else while working remotely more often than before the crisis. • More than one third (37%) say they will undertake more longer-stay travel. OPENING L INES