Business View Caribbean | Feb 2019

CORPORATION LTD. QUALITY PRE-OWNED CARS F or almost 30 years, Jetcon has been Jamaica’s go-to provider of high-qual- ity, affordable, pre-owned cars. Customers are welcomed in a friendly at- mosphere by knowledgeable team members, who are willing and able to anticipate and exceed clients’ needs and expectations, while ensuring a fair re- turn for company stakeholders. The business that started operations in Kingston in 1991, as a seller of QMI PTFE engine treatments, four years later, became one of the first certified auto dealers registered by the Jamaican government. Today, Jetcon is a leading used car dealer on the island, replete with highly trained mechanics and technicians, and facilities among the best in the industry. In a notable testament to its consistent growth and success, Jetcon Corporation Ltd. was listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on March 24, 2016. Jetcon Corp. Managing Director, Andrew Jackson, actually got into the business for two very significant personal reasons: twins. As he explains, “Jetcon started in 1991. The year before, my wife and I had twins and my expenses went up dra- matically, so I quit my job and got into the better paying car product business. That evolved into selling cars in 1994/95 and has grown ever since. We’ve had our ups and downs – I almost quit twice – but we persisted.” While Jetcon is a corporation now, essentially, it’s still a family-owned business with three Kingston locations serving different purposes: one retail outlet (for sales and service), and two warehousing facilities. There are just over 30 em- ployees; the majority working in a service capacity. Car sales make up about 95 percent of the revenue stream. Exceptional revenue growth, credited largely to 52