Business View Caribbean | Feb 2019

of the sport, Jackson reports, “We have a Jetcon Racing Team. We got involved with motor rac- ing the moment we got involved with car care products. There’s a link between motor racing and selling car-related stuff. It’s a passion for me. At the recent rally, we didn’t win – we had some problems with the car – but people like it and it gets us involved with the community. We also have a number of charities we support, including the Jamaica Red Cross.” Looking to the future, the company is planning to shift focus into wholesaling of cars. One of their three locations is a recently-acquired facility on the wharf at the port, which will enable expansion in that area. As a car dealer with available finances, they are in an enviable position for growth opportunities, which others couldn’t do as easily. “As wholesalers, we’ll be importing in quantity and selling to other deal- ers, in addition to retailing ” says Jackson. “That will open up a whole new world for us. With 200 or so dealers around, they become a pretty good market. And they all pur- chase from the same source in Japan. We are looking to make their purchases easier, since we have the capital to deal with large numbers. Jetcon Corpora- tion has a lot of investors; 1000 local Jamaica shareholders, right now.” Grow- ing in the Jamaican wholesale space is a significant objective, going forward. But Jetcon is also planning to go a step 56