Business View Caribbean | Feb 2019

Still flying high... ERNATIONAL AIRPORT the Menzies Aviation Services are the leading ground handling service at the airport. There are plans to upgrade the existing Fixed Based Operations (FBO) with an upper level structure, adding more convenience to the corporate traveler. The latest good news – SXM AIRWAYS can now boast of its very own “St. Maarten” callsign, having received the designation and credentials from ICAO on January 17, 2019. Business View Caribbean recently spoke with Audrey St. Luce-Jack, Corporate Communica- tions Specialist for Princess Juliana Interna- tional Airport, about the amazing rebound of its operations, and the airport’s ongoing role in the post-hurricane recovery of St. Maarten and the neighboring region. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation. BVC: Congratulations on SXM Airport’s 75th Anniversary! Can you share some background on the Airport’s evolution? St. Luce-Jack: “Thank you, we’re very proud of that milestone. We’ve grown from a small 59