Business View Caribbean | February 2020

8 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN FEBRUARY 2020 Katie Storr, to create a coral reef restoration program in North Marine Park, constructing and installing a brand new nursery, where coral reef fragments will be grown and later transplanted to affected areas across the destination. Participants will also explore blue holes, harvest sponges, and more. Home to the country’s first-ever national park, Exuma is celebrated for its crystal clear waters teeming with fish and other marine life. Freediver, Andre Musgrove, will work closely with participants to replicate The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park ecosystem in other waters around the destination that have been overtaken by invasive species, namely the red lionfish. By carefully curbing the Red Lionfish population, the team paves the way for other reef-friendly species to enter and thrive. Plus participants will participate in conch conservation, traditional boatbuilding, and sailing. A long thin island with pink sand beaches, Eleuthera has many natural features like the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve, which doubles as a research center for traditional bush medicine. Together with Omar McKlewhite, a master gardener, participants will learn propagation techniques for the native trees and establish a bush tea farm. While in Eleuthera, they will also research native species, practice traditional pineapple farming, and harvest sea