Business View Caribbean | February 2021

2 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN FEBRUARY 2021 CONTENTS COVER Dominic Rampersad, Chief Executive Officer Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited 1 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 3 OPENING LINES 13 GUEST SUBMISSION CARIBBEAN EXCELLENCE: BEST PRACTICES IN BUSINESS & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 21 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO MINISTRY OF PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT A profile from the office of the Honorable Camille Robinson-Regis, Minister of Planning and Development 27 ALESCON READYMIX LIMITED Setting the standard for quality & service 35 PHOENIX PARK GAS PROCESSORS LIMITED Growing the value chain 45 CARIBBEAN AGRICULTURE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (CARDI ) “Responding to the farmers of the Caribbean” 55 RHS MARKETING LIMITED “Bringing flavours of the Caribbean closer to you!” BEST PRACTICES IN CARIBBEAN HEALTH CARE 63 V&S PHARMACEUTICALS LTD A family vision for success 69 FONTANA PHARMACY Adapting to meet customer needs 69 FONTANA PHARMACY 45 CARIBBEAN AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 1