Business View Caribbean | February 2021

55 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN FEBRUARY 2021 RHS MARKETING LIMITED “Bringing flavours of the Caribbean closer to you!” A lmost as enticing as its picture-perfect beaches, the culinary landscape of Trinidad and Tobago reflects a diverse gastronomy, one replete with savory seafood dishes, sumptuous stews, and an all-embracing approach to seasoning blends and spices. From hot pepper sauces to chadon beni (a must- have condiment with “bake and shark”, Trinbago’s iconic street food item), the local cuisine mirrors the diasporic experience of its migrant identity – a fascinating mixture of flavours originating from faraway lands like Africa, India, and China. Riding on the backs of these rich, cross-cultural influences, RHS Marketing Limited, out of Caroni County in the west central part AT A GLANCE RHS MARKETING LIMITED WHAT: Manufacturer/exporter of premium quality seasonings, spices and related food products WHERE: Caroni, Trinidad WEBSITE: