Business View Caribbean | Volume 9, Issue 2

13 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 2 A ward winning Saint Lucia Photographer and Sustainable Tourism Ambassador Kirk Elliott has launched the I Am Lucian Webinar Series to coincide with Saint Lucia’s 43rd Anniversary of Independence. The webinars will explore: What does it REALLY mean to be Saint Lucian? What sets us apart and distinguishes us from every other nation on earth? How can we use this ‘Unique Saint Lucian Essence’– whatever this might be, as a motivator towards excellence? The webinar series is included in Saint Lucia’s official calendar of events celebrating the island’s 43rd Anniversary of Independence, and early indications reveal that the series is highly anticipated, especially as it runs for an entire year. The webinars seek to engage Saint Lucians at home and abroad, along with anyone else interested in joining the conversation, as identifying and connected with who we truly are is of great value to all mankind. The series launches Thursday, February 24th, 2022 and comprises 12 webinars – one per month for a full year of EXPLORING INDIGENOUS HISTORY IN SAINT LUCIA TO HELP US TELL OUR STORY engaging self-discovery. When asked what his motivation was for these webinars, especially being so far removed from photography for which he is widely known, Elliott OPENING L INES