Business View Caribbean | Volume 9, Issue 2

17 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 2 K ingston Creative is excited to introduce the awardees for our Go Global Accelerator Programme, one of several programmes done under the CreaTech intiative, done in partnership with IDB Labs and the Development Bank of Jamaica! In the Accelerator, 10 creative entrepreneurs were accepted as our first cohort. For 3 months, these creative entrepreneurs did courses to help improve: 1. Their business knowledge and skills 2. Their technology skills 3. Their ability to tap into global markets. We are proud of the progress these entrepreneurs have made in the Go Global Accelerator and are excited to share these creative entrepreneurs with you! 1. Teika Samuda Teika Samuda is the principal consultant at the Being Jamaican Tour Company. Being Jamaican offers authentic Jamaican experiences and curates packages that feature the best of Jamaica; highlighting its people, culture, music and natural beauty. 2. Dainty Wilson Dainty Wilson is the Managing Director of YAADBridge Entertainment, a film, television and audio production Company with a focus on creative production, audio-visual entertainment and talent management in the Caribbean. 3. Sanjay Ramadan You may know Sanjay as one of the familiar faces from the TVJ programme Intense, but in our Go Global Accelerator programme, he is the CEO of BELLEH23, a company that provides creative lodgings for International travelers with a core demographic of Dancehall Dancers internationally. 4. Jherane Patmore Jherane Patmore is the founder of Rebel Women Lit (RWL), a literary community based in Jamaica, with members worldwide, interested in using OPENING L INES MEET THE GO GLOBAL ACCELERATOR AWARDEES!