Business View Caribbean l Feb 2023

91 92 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 10, ISSUE 2 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 10, ISSUE 2 AT A GLANCE GRANTLEY ADAMS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT WHAT: A Caribbean-based airport with state-of-the-art facilities serving as the region’s gateway WHERE: Adams-Barrow, Barbados WEBSITE: GRANTLEYADAMS INTERNATIONALAIRPORT a s u n n y ta k e o f f f o r t h e C a r i b b e a n - b a s e d a i r p o r t If a traveler is looking for a relaxing getaway while wanting to take in stunning scenery there are very few areas that offer both when stepping onto the tarmac. Serving as a gateway to the island nation of Barbados, Grantley Adams International Airport offers this perfect combination and more for leisure and business travelers, serving as a hub of Caribbean aviation and a gateway to the region for millions of passengers each year. O W i t h s tat e - o f - t h e - a r t fa c i l i t i e s a n d p l a n n e d o p e r at i o n a l u p g r a d e s , G r a n t l e y A d a m s I n t e r n at i o n a l A i r p o r t i s s o a r i n g t o n e w pa s s e n g e r h e i g h t s