January 2017 | Business View Caribbean

20 21 T he Melville Street Cruise Terminal is a master-planned development, which fol- lows years of planning, research, and develop- ment. It consists of the Marine and Dockside Facil- ities,which are owned by the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) and a 9.8-acre, re- claimed landside for which a long-term lease has been vested in the St. George’s New Port Property Devel- opment Company Limited (SNDC). Züblin Grenada Limited and GPA respec- tively hold 80 percent and 20 percent shares in the company. The objective of SNDC was to develop the entire landside and im- prove, sustain, and remain sensitive to the St. George’s cultural heritage in order to naturally blend into the unique ambiance of its downtown area. The Grenreal Property Corporation Limited was created in 2004 and con- structed the Esplanade Property Corporation Limited Something for everyone Grenreal Property Corporation Limited Grenreal