January 2017 | Business View Caribbean

82 83 ny is now planning to enlarge its Toa Baja operation. “We are going to expand our building because we are getting more market share in the hospital and physicians groups and in direct service to patients,” he says. “So we are going to need to expand our warehouse facility.”Axiscare is also planning to grow its territory. Currently its customers are either all on Puerto Rico, or they are veterans hospital patients on the three U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. “The owners of the company have the vision to capture the opportunities,” Camara states. Axis Health Logistics is committed to its customers, its patients, its many vendor partners, and its local community. No doubt this one hun- dred percent Puerto Rican company will continue to thrive and grow for many years to come, supplying quality medical products and equipment when and where it’s needed. Axiscare Health Logistics Preferred vendors n Omnis Health www.omnishealth.com Established in 2008, Omnis Health quickly became a leader in blood glucose management products, obtaining a large share of the Medicare Mail Order market. Quality products, strong infra- structure, industry insight, and a reliable supply chain make Omnis Health a trusted partner for Durable Medical Equipment companies, wholesale distributors, and retailers, alike. It markets a line of feature-rich, no coding, Embrace blood glu- cose meters and monitoring products, which are cost-effective, and innovative, providing quality and value for its clients’ patients. n Drive Medical Designs and Manufacturing www.drivemedical.com One of the fastest-growing, major manufactur- ers and distributors of durable medical equipment in the home healthcare, medical/surgical, and rehabilitation markets, Drive Medical provides mobility, bariatric, pressure prevention, self-assist, and rehabilitation products, including wheel- chairs, beds, power scooters, electrotherapy devic- es, and pediatric and personal care products. n Puerto Rico Bedding and Foam jabreu@foampr.com n Henry Schein www.henryschein.com n Welch Allyn www.welchallyn.com