January 2019 Business View Caribbean

20 21 CARIBBEAN FRESH Algix Jamaica Limited A lgix Jamaica Ltd. is located on Barton Isle in beautiful St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. The thriving, four-year-old aquaculture farm operates on 300 acres of lush land with over 120 acres of ponds and is committed to the growth and maintenance of Jamaica’s precious resources: its environment, people, and culture. Since day one, Algix Jamaica has partnered with Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) to distribute the Algix brand “Pride of Jamaica’ fish to the hospitality industry and local consumers throughout the island. Believing you are what you eat, Algix is focused on growing the healthiest possible fish, which currently include tilapia, pangasius Kai (known locally as basa), and the latest offering – freshwater shrimp. For feed, the company uses a one-of-a kind floating pellet, certified as pathogen-free by the USDA (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) that ensures fish are eating at the top of the water and not the bottom. The feed is loaded with vitamins and minerals, contains no hormones, and is environmentally sustainable. Water is supplied from the Black River to the farm’s ponds, most of which are flow-through, with only nursery ponds being stagnant. The ponds are continuously replenished with crisp, clean water to ensure the fish grow in a healthy Fish Farm Aerial