Business View Caribbean | January 2021

19 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN JANUARY 2021 The world is going through a major demographic shift. Many countries are experiencing increasing life expectancy and declining birth rates, forcing them to reassess their long-term approach to healthcare. Today, it is clear that with an aging population, there will be a rise in non-communicable diseases, particularly neurological disorders. The projected health needs of the global population for the next decades have strengthened the interest in neuroscience research. Neuroscience innovation is no longer exclusively developed by academic institutions though. Venture capital firms like Google Ventures and pharmaceutical corporations such as Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are investing heavily into what has become a $30 billion industry. However, while most new funded startups and applications come from North American and European ecosystems, developing countries still don’t have much access to these resources. Allegori, a pioneering Trinidad and Tobago-based company providing new insights of the inner workings of the brain, is changing that. The power of the human mind Kheston Walkings is the founder, CEO and Chief Neuroinnovation Officer of Allegori. With a background in medical neuroscience, Walkings created the business after a personal experience Health &Wellness Allegori: unlocking the power of neuroscience from the Caribbean