Business View Caribbean | Volume 9, Issue 1

38 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 1 quarter, as well. Looking ahead, Mobley has some important items on his wish list. He states, “I would like us in a brand-new building – quadruple the size that we have now– with ample parking, a gym, and a state-of-the-art training center where our warehouse isn’t remote. I would like to see us with all new electric vehicles for the company, and I would also like to see the majority of our employees owning their own homes.” Ashley, too, has a great vision for the future, noting, “I have a passion for training, and I would like to see this company develop a national training program, like a school, where people can learn air conditioning, learn a skill, a way to earn a living.” Polar Bear is indeed a company that cares – and that is very cool. PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Saez Distributors Saez Distributors is a Miami-based & family-owned company that has been a key player in the development of south Florida supporting distributors, technicians, and contractors. We also work closely with our export customers in the Caribbean as well as Central and South America.