Business View Caribbean | Volume 9, Issue 1

5 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 1 OPENING L INES created long lasting positive impacts.” IICA is the executing agency for the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures Project which is one component of the 11th EDF Programme “Support to CARIFORUM States in furthering the implementation of their Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) commitments and in meaningfully reaping the benefits of the Agreement.” The objective of this Project is to facilitate CARIFORUM Countries to gain and improve market access by complying with Europe’s SPS measures and to help CARIFORUM states to better develop their own regionally harmonised SPS measures. The 11th EDF SPS Measures Project which forms the basis of this alliance is an important action for the Caribbean, not only in terms of expanding into markets internationally but also it is one that contributes to transforming the regional food sector for improved food and nutrition security. Ana Marisa Cordero, Acting Head, Agricultural Health, Food Safety and Food Quality Program, IICA said, “The project’s specific work on developing the coconut industry includes the provision of technical assistance to private sector organisations in the areas of training and guidance in key aspects of food safety, innovation, they also upgrade laboratories to undertake tests that are required for the marketing and trade of coconut and coconut products.” In the Letter of Intent, the Signatories acknowledged the importance of cooperation in the following areas of activity: i. Knowledge management and information dissemination relating to the development of the agri-food system; in particular, the coconut industry; ii. Establishment of responsible and inclusive public-private production and commercialisation connections with Alliances for Action partners; iii. Capacity building activities in the areas of production and processing; and iv. Strengthening systems for improved SPS compliance in the Caribbean. These interventions will contribute to an increased capacity for exports, increased trade and economic development, increased compliance with international obligations and improved market access and a reduction in food safety related incidents. Cordero stated, “The partnership with the ITC and CARDI will further assist IICA to achieve the benefits of the rationalisation of resources to scale up interventions to reach a larger number of stakeholders and hence, have a greater impact on livelihoods along the region’s coconut supply chain.” For more information, visit: