Business View Caribbean, July/August 2018

90 91 Solar Water Heaters Guttering System Fasteners & Accessories Roof Underlay 1001 Airport Road, PO Box 554, St. John’s, Antigua // 268.481.7663 sales // COMPLETE ROOFING SOLUTIONS PROVIDER Personalized service - Accurate roofing estimates combined with exact cut lengths to minimize waste, speed up installment time and reduce overall costs HENDERSON 2004 LIMITED struction component and all of the benefits that it brings, but I am more interested in how I can advise the local private sector and the region as to how we can use it.” Telemaque recounts how the Port was used, recently, to facilitate the logistical support for many of the region’s islands that were impacted by last year’s devastating hurricanes. “We pro- vided air and ocean support directly from the airport and the seaport, and was able to help and assist many of our neighbors,” he says. “The British government and the British army have now determined that the Antigua Port Author- ity should become a forward operating base for future support going into the islands that remain as British colonies. They are now con- ducting a port audit that will be the precursor to the new port becoming a launch environ- ment that provides the capacity for relief and disaster support.” “That is a significant recognition of the ca- pacity and commitment shown by members of the staff of the Antigua Port Authority,” he adds. “It also reflects the leadership shown by the Chairman of the Board, Senator Mary-Claire Hurst. It obviously takes a government that is committed to allow the Port to be used in such a manner, and we are grateful to Prime Minister Gaston Browne in allowing us to provide that type of regional support. In addition to the Brit- ish Army, DVID (Department for International Development), which is a British NGO, has also decided to use Antigua as a location to house significant relief supplies in containers, so if the PREFERRED VENDORS n Pas Cargo Group (B & B Shipping) n Henderson (2004) Ltd. n A.S. Bryden & Sons Ltd. THE PORT AUTHORITY OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA need comes up to supply the region, they will have staged cargo within the Port.” Looking to the future, Telemaque says, “The Port Authority continues to ensure that, as we build a new facility, we are also building the human resource capac- ity of the Port. To that end, we have given full scholarships to 26 Antiguans to study various maritime disciplines at the Carib- bean Maritime University in Jamaica. They will be hired by the Antigua Port Authority, so they are guaranteed employment, and they will form the future of the Port from the perspective of port management, ma- rine engineering, marine transport, security, and other disciplines that the Port requires. We’re not just interested in putting concrete in the ground; we want to ensure that the right system of management is in place to carry on the vision.”